Honour’s research essays

  • Kyleigh Gault, 2018, on the memory (or lack of memory) of the T4 euthanasia program implemented in Hitler’s Germany.

MA Thesis Committee

  • Hollis Peirce, 2017 – Institutional Histories of Disability: the Case of Carleton University.  Thesis committee, main supervisor: Shawn Graham.


  • Helen Kennedy, 2018 – Media relations and  Médecins Sans Frontières during the Balkan Crisis – co-supervision with Candace Sobers.
  • Andriata Chrironda, 2018- “History, Narrative and Refugee Resettlement: Constructing Refugee Eligibility in post-Colonial Africa”, co-supervision with James Milner.
  • Sandy Barron, 2016 – Education of deaf children in Canada. Sandy won the Vanier SSHRC fellowship in 2017.  See Carleton Graduate news HERE.  To read his article in Manitoba History, 2015, “‘An Excuse for Being So Bold:’ D. W. McDermid and the Early Development of the Manitoba School for the Deaf, 1888-1900” click HEREAnd “The World is Wide Enough for Us Both”: The Manitoba School for the Deaf at the Onset of the Oralist Age, 1889-1920”, Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, 6, 1(2017), click HERE.

  • Suki Lee, 2014 – Women, mental health, artistic expression and confinement in late 19th century Montreal.
  • Will Tait, 2011 -
 “Canadian Christian Missionary Influences on Secular Non-Governmental Agencies, 1945-1990”.  Will organized a panel on humanitarian aid at the Canadian Historical Association Meeting in 2012.  He uses a transnational approach, featured on the University website in 2012.   See the 2013 article from his MA at St Mary’s on  the Canadian United Church in interwar Colonial Korea here. For Will’s joint blog with C. Chrisholm, on MSF James Orbinsky, click HERE.

PhD Thesis Committee

  • Christine Chisholm, Trans-generational impact of Thalidomide on families in Canada, under the supervision of Susanne  Klausen.  For her blog on this topic, published in Active History, click HERE. Her article on “The Curious Case of Thalidomide and the Absent Eugenic Clause in Canada’s Amended Abortion Law of 1969” was published in the Canadian Bulletin of Medical History in September 2016.  HERE.
  • Katharine Viscardis,  2016 – Institutionalization of children in the Huronia Regional Centre, Trent University, Frost Centre for Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies, under the supervision of Janet Miron.


Publications by Former Students



PhD thesis committees

"Installation del aqua potable - Calle San Francisco, "

“Installation del aqua potable – Calle San Francisco, “

  • Marie-Luise Ermish (McGill, History), 2011 – 2014 
Children Within British International Development Initiatives, 1959-1979.  See her blog on Oxfam’s Operation Oasis in North Africa.  See her account of the VAHS conference on the history of humanitarian aid published in History Workshop Journal in the Spring of 2014, and her blog about cooking from an old Oxfam recipe book , posted in November 2014.
  • Edward (Ted) McCoy (Trent, Canadian Studies), 
2012, “The Rise of the Modern Canadian Penitentiary, 1835-1900”.  Ted’s book Hard Time, is available as a free PDF.
  • James Onusko, (Trent, Canadian Studies), 2014.  “Growing Up in Postwar Suburbia: Childhood, Children and Adolescents in Canada, 1950-1970”Read James blog HERE.

MA thesis committee

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Honours research essays

  • Jacob Forrest, 2014  “How Many Houses They Can Afford”: The Politics of the CMHC’s Economic Research, 1934-1953″.  Jacob pursued this theme in a MA in Political Economy “A Machine for Governing: Technical Standardization,Mass Housing Provision,and the State in Mid-Twentieth-Century Canada” (2016).
  • Emilie Hill-Smith, 2017, “Comfort While Dying: A Transnational History of Pediatric end of Care”, Child Studies. for a blog on Emily’s conference presentations, click HERE.
  • Jessica Hume-Antonopoulos, 2009, Violence, security and women in refugee camps in West Africa, Public Administration.
  • Arianna Labocetta, 2013,  (co-supervision with Landon Pearson), Children’s Rights in Latin America, Human Rights.
  • Anne Martin, 2001, The Orphans of Grosse Isle, Child Studies.