Champlain on the Anishnabe (2013)

Champlain on the Anishinabe: Histories and Memories of an Encounter

Organised with collaborators Shawn Graham, Michel Hogue, Paul Litt, of the Department if History, together with Jean-François Lozier of the Canadian Museum of History, Yves Frenette, of the Université Saint-Boniface, Jeff Thomas, urban Iroquois and the French Embassy in Ottawa,  the Colloquium “ Champlain on the Anishinabe Aki: Histories and Memories of an Encounter” welcomed more than 250 people at Carleton on September 19 and 20 2013.  During 2014-15, we have been working at a multimodal publication around the material presented at the colloquium.

We are also working at furthering exchanges of public history, by enriching the digital repository, encouraging projects involving academia and the communities interested in the history of first encounters.

Here is the colloquium’s website.

And here is my blog on the colloquium.